Any curly girls able to pull of this look???

Sweetestk13Sweetestk13 Posts: 61Registered Users
Hey, has anyone curly (3a's and up plz)been able to pull off this look or does anyone know anyone with curly hair who can pull off this look?

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  • murrrcatmurrrcat Posts: 9,596Registered Users
    I've pulled that look off but when I did it never really went with my outfit...I guess I needed more of a hippie outfit to make it fully work.
  • ellageorginaellageorgina Posts: 1,511Registered Users
    I have so many of those head bands. I'm a 3b and wear my hair like that sometimes, it looks good :) I'm sure you'll be able to pull it off!
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  • Irish_carrottopIrish_carrottop Posts: 214Registered Users
    Thats hard for me when my hair is down! It looks CRRRRAZY cute when I have that type of head band and a low bun, though :)
  • thickcurlygurlythickcurlygurly Posts: 230Registered Users
    I could try I'd probably end up with mushroom head.
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  • versaillesversailles Posts: 6Registered Users
    i can only do that when i straighten my hair, and then curl it with an iron or plastic curlers.
  • amaraamara Posts: 26Registered Users
    i've done that before (and i've got 3b hair) but you have to put the headband on right after you apply your products. you can't do it on dry hair otherwise the top poofs wayyyyyyyyyyyy too much.
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  • katherinelovesevryonekatherinelovesevryone Posts: 230Registered Users
    amara wrote: »
    i've done that before (and i've got 3b hair) but you have to put the headband on right after you apply your products. you can't do it on dry hair otherwise the top poofs wayyyyyyyyyyyy too much.

    i agree! im hoping though that once my hair gets longer ill be able to pull it off...i think a headband like that would look awesome on top of a massive bush of 3c/4a curls.....except by then (roughly 2 yrs from now) i doubt it wil still be in style:-?
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  • crazycurlz427crazycurlz427 Posts: 46Registered Users
    try putting the headband loosely around your head, b/c if its tight, ur hair will poof out under it
  • iminalalalandiminalalaland Posts: 7Registered Users
    Ya i did it last year and it was super cute! I havnt tried it yet this year cuz i cut my hair.
  • simplyconfusingsimplyconfusing Posts: 2Registered Users
    I think it looks better when the hair is a little more on the curly side with this look. I have 3a hair and bangs and it looks kinda cute but my head band is not real tight.
  • maggie000maggie000 Posts: 28Registered Users
    I used to do this when my hair was long, it looked realy good with the right outfit. (3c hair). I cant do it anymore with shorter hair because it looks very 80's perm-ish.
  • vannessavannessa Posts: 31Registered Users
    I honestly don't like that hairstyle, I think it would look cute if you put the headband separating your hair from your bans (if you have bangs that is)..
  • mellybellymellybelly Posts: 9Registered Users
    I've never tried it with a headband because I think it would look super awkward but i do it with my own hair. I twirl two prieces of my hair and wrap it round my head and I get loads of compliments on it. Here's a picture.

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