Has anybody successfully transitioned flat-ironing regularly?

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I'm a little over 31 weeks into my transition and I've been in braids for almost the entire transition. I'm coming out of the braids soon and I'm wondering if anybody has successfully transitioned while flat ironing regularly. Does anybody have any fotki links for flat ironing naturals? TIA!

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    i don't have a link. but there is a girl named allandra on LHCF and she flat irons every 1-2 weeks for the past like year and a half to transition. she is still transitioning and basically maintains APLish (maybe a little longer) hair. her hair looks great.
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    I stopped relaxing from June 2008. For the first four months I was using rods but it was starting to get really frizzy at the roots towards the end of the 4th month after the first day of getting the set. Then I started roller setting and flat-ironing once every two weeks. I am still doing that and it looks good especially in the Texas dry heat, it looks relaxed. However I want to wear it curly but the ends still have relaxed ends and doesn't look whn its wet and out. I want the clip the relaxed ends off but not sure where to go. I have 3b (and some 3c in the middle of my head) hair . Any suggestions on where I can get a good cut that's not too expensive (is that possible?)
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    Well I won't have to worry about this dilemma anymore
    I tried rollersetting and flat ironing my roots yesterday. It reverted before I even went to bed. By the time morning rolled around it didn't even look like anything was flat ironed. I guess I'll just wet bun/gel it the rest of this week then move onto curly style experiments after I'm done with this rotation on friday

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    There's a great article on this site on safe straightening.
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    Thanks guys, I probably won't try to straighten for a week or two but I'll update when I try

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    :smilebox:i have been without a perm since feb ( 6 months). and i flat iron my hair every 2 weeks or 2 days after i get in the pool. and my hair is turning out pretty good...=)

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    Thanks guys
    I'm about to try this again. Last time I reverted before even leaving the house. This time I'm armed with John Freida serum and heat protectant. Hopefully I can make it 2 weeks
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