thick/longish hair 3s: how long does it take your hair to dry? do you do twist/locks?

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how long is it taking you to get your hair dry without a dryer?

my hair is thick and long and it's taking many hours to dry just in ponytails. and overnight drying i do not get nice curls - i'll keep trying different wraps i guess?

i want to do twists but i'm afraid it won't dry overnight in twists.
i don't have the 30 min with the diffuser every day but i do not have 2nd day hair figured out (my hair is very stiff and hard on day 2- just add some shea or some coconut oil or something?)


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    I can't say my hair is super thick or very long at the moment, but I know that even while it's short it takes longer to dry over night than if I wash/wet it during the day time.

    When you say twists, do you mean like a twist out or to leave it in twists? When my hair was longer & I was transitioning I would do a twist/braid out at night and if it wasn't all the way dry in the a.m. I would just blow dry it for a few minutes while still braided/twisted to dry the center. I don't really worry about 2nd day hair because there's always headbands and ponytails. ;)

    If I'm really trying for it anyway, then I'll just wet my hands in the sink and add a nickel size drop of conditioner and rub my hands together and smooth through a section of hair. I repeat this until all of my hair is smoothed over with conditioner. If conditioner isn't enough for your hair, then you could try whatever you usually use as a leave-in/styler.

    Hope that helps. :)
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    It really depends on how I do my hair. I like my hair to dry as fast as possible (without a dryer) so this is what I do:

    After I rinse conditioner from my hair I grently scrunch some water out with a towel until it's not dripping anymore. I apply gel/lotion in sections then I flip my hair in a towel/tshirt and make a turban for like 15-20 minutes. After I take the towel off my hair is already a little drier. It usually takes an hour for it to dry.

    xoxo caramelicious

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    yes, i meant a twist out.

    even in just sections, my hair is taking forevah to dry with all the leave-in i do.

    i got an aquis towl turban. i'll keep you posted if it's a hit or miss.
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    I do my all my hairstyling while I'm in the once I get out, I scrunch with a microfibre towel, flip my head over and put into a microfibre turban. After about 20 minutes I take it down and let air dry before I go to bed.
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    I don't have thick hair. But, a lot of hair. When I do my twists (thin ones) it takes about 8 hours to dry. If I do a wash-n-go it takes about 12 hours. I do my hair in the mornings though if I'm starting out with wet hair.
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    It takes my hair all day to dry :l
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    I don't have long hair (yet) but I have noticed using lighter products means less drying time. When I did condish only, if I started out with wet hair at 7am, my hair would be 100% dry but about 2-3pm. If I use a leave-in/gel/activator combo then my hair will dry by 12-1pm.
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