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I went CG back in October 08, but that was in Sweden. The results were immediate and amazing. I used the easiest stuff I could find in Sweden. There was a Olive Natural conditioner and a deep conditioner and I used a L'Oreal Paris gel that is apparently not sold in the US.

While in Sweden I didn't experiment with much products because I decided I'd do that when I was back in the states. It would be easier to find stuff.

Well here I am and I'm FREAKING out because my hair doesn't feel like my hair anymore. It's limp, the texture doesn't feel good. It's not curling like it used to. I'm long since out of the Swedish cheap condition and have a few days worth of the gel left. While in Sweden I was wishing I had access to American products (cheaply) and now I'm longing for those cheapo Swedish stuff.

I have never ordered anything online and I definitely haven't tried a lot of stuff. My mom isn't completely sold on CG and I wanted to show her I could do it cheaply like I did before and be great, but that's not working out so well.

For conditioner I've tried the L'oreal Vive Pro Nutri gloss for medium to long hair that's wavy/curly. It's ok but my hair just doesn't FEEL good. I've also tried the GVP conditioning balm from Sally's and I'm not sure about that.

Gel wise I've tried nothing yet so far that works. The Swedish L'Oreal gel coated my hair and got crunchy right away when I gave it a little diffusing. I felt like it protected my hair and all I had to do was wait an hour or so to let it air dry then scrunch and diffuse again. Viola, no crunch and beautiful relatively unfrizzy hair. I've tried HE Totally Twister and Body Envy and it feels like there is nothing on my hair. No hold. I picked up a LA looks, but not the sport good.

So please help recommend products. Should I break down for something online? I know there is a lot out there, but where should I go from here.

I just want my hair back....
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    Hey, what's the co-wash you are using? Maybe it's too heavy for you and you need something runnier.

    I looked over your Fotki (not sure if the latest pics on there are recent) but you've made really beautiful progress! So pretty, is that natural blonde? Gorgeous, I love blonde hair lol. Towards the last couple pics your hair does look a little weighed down. Have you tried an ACV or Honeygar rinse? Then maybe you can try the American products only after the rinse since that's what you'll now have access to.
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    Yah, those pics are from a while ago. I've been using sauve naturals for co-wash. I have done AVC rinses before. I might think about doing it again. Sadly my mom is ulta sensitive to smell.
    2 something with some 3a, I think...
    Started CG: Oct 22nd 2008
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