SunFlower Seed Oil

MslizziaMslizzia Posts: 600Registered Users
So i got the bright idea the other day to try this. What do yall think?? Has anyone ever tried it in their hair?

I read up on it and it has a lot of good benefits to it. But i would like a review from someone who has tried it


  • afrosheenqueenafrosheenqueen Posts: 5,400Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I mix it in my conditioners and sometimes use it to scruch out gel crunch. It's great. I also started cooking with it too. It tastes great.

    I've noticed it being used more in hair care products and now I see why. Good stuff.
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  • ThkchkThkchk Posts: 203Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I read something that compared coconut, sunflower and mineral oil and said that coconut oil penetrates the best. For some reason my hair wasn't liking the coconut oil so I stopped using it. I bought the sunflower yesterday and mixed it with a little coconut as a sealant. I'll have to try it mixed with some conditioner next.

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