Hair Care Before Bed

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Lately i have been just wrapping my hair in a scarf before i go to bed. The only problem is, it is matted down when i awake the next morning! I don't twist it or anything because its really not long enough to twist yet but i don't like putting water in my hair everyday to unmat it.

Is there a solution to this?


  • KiffanyKiffany Posts: 11Registered Users
    what is your hair type? How do you wear your hair durring the day? There is a member that has a satin pillow and flips her hair up.
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    When my hair was short I would also tie it down with a scarf at night. The next morning my hair would be matted down, so I would do the following. After washing my face take my wet hands and run it on my hair. Then take about a dime/quarter size of conditioner, and run it thru my hair. Finally I would add a small amount of shea to my edges and hair, concentrating on my end. HTH and good luck! This natural 'hair thang' is a learn as you go process. Enjoy the journey.
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