Curly Triumph!

Sweetestk13Sweetestk13 Posts: 61Registered Users
I was so excited when the other day my dad (yes my father, a man!) told me how beautiful my hair looked. Now i dont know about you guys but it takes ALOT for my dad to notice my hair. Then i started to tell him about my hair routine and all. then he said he would be really happy if i stopped straightening it for a year or so because it looked beautiful curly. :cheers:
now that made my father noticed my hair. any of youguys hav curly triumph moments??
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    Ahh! Congrats! My dad HATES my hair. Hates. I'm happy for you! He WANTS me to straighten mine and pull it back in a ponytail because "it's too wild".
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    awwww!! Thats so great your dad noticed your hair! My dad notices my hair to and like you it means a lot to me when he compliments me so WOO HOO!!!! haha :D
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    aww:sad2: this made my day...... so happy for you....:blob:

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    Awesome! My dad's hair is similar to mine (he used have long hair, and my mum claims it looked like mine..) so he can't complain about it being 'wild'. Although one time I was talking about my hair being wavy, when he was all "Your hair is curly" Although its probably a reasonable mistake if you don't spend yonks on here all the time!

    Recently someone told me that I had nice hair, even though my hair was up in a pony tail and the my fringe was straightened. Another girl was all "I like it curly" I was very touched! :pl:

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    Thats really cool, i don't expect compliments from my dad he's like totally oblivious, my sister, my mom, and I moved a piano big piano, and he didn't even notice. He walked right past it. Typical guy for ya, anyways..... I'm really happy for you thats a great curly triumph moment.

    :occasion9: celebrate!! :occasion7: and to keep this thread running everyone should post their "curly triumph" moments threads aren't reserved for problems and questions.
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  • CandycaneCandycane Posts: 291Registered Users
    Anytime someone makes a comment about my hair my brother will always compliment my hair. :) now if i can get the other three to do the same...
  • JessinessJessiness Posts: 64Registered Users
    One day when I wore my hair curly (and I had been thinking it was frizzy and poofy and gross all day) and this guy was complimenting my friend's hair (she straightens it but says it's as curly as mine.. :\). He told her she had beautiful hair then he turned to me and he said that I did too. And he thought my hair color was fake because it was so 'pretty'. His mom is a hairstylist so he notices hair more, I guess, but still! It made my day. :toothy4:
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    Oh my gosh this thread is so happy! I love it! Good for you guys! My curly hair triumph is that I went to a camp and all the counslers and campers knew me by my hair:laughing6: Thats sorta lame but still its cool!

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