The Golden Ratio and Curly Hair

I was looking at my bathroom floor yesterday and I saw a hair of mine on the floor. Then I realized Michelle, that really looks like a depiction of phi, the golden ratio. This ratio is supposed to be extremely aesthetically pleasing to the eye, thus my belief for why curly hair is just so cute!
I couldn't get a good picture of my hair, so I traced over it!
This is a Fibonacci spiral, which basically shows the golden ratio.
Now doesn't that look a lot like curly hair? Yes, I think so too! Now there is scientific proof as to why it's so attractive! Even though I'm not very scientific, I just put 2 and 2 together and got 4 two different ways.

I don't have very many pictures that show off my hair lately but here they are.

Here is one of me and my mom.


And I look like a boy with a baseball hat on.

Oh, and curly bangs are the shiz.
3 A/B
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  • modegrrlmodegrrl Posts: 274Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Basically the only time I think straight hair is pretty is when it's very dark and shiny, and the longer the better. (Think the Garnier commercials or Courteny Cox's cute bob on Friends.) Otherwise, I prefer curly hair. My straight-haired roommate gets annoyed at that.
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  • kurlzkurlz Posts: 22Registered Users
    i agree with modegrll
    strait hair looks good when its really shiny and smooth and long otherwise
    curly hair is the bomb
    theres so many diffent types of curls and ways to wear ur curls(spiraly, wavy, zigzag etc.)
    and as long as uknow how to take care of it
    then u wont have any problems dryness, puffiness, frizz etc
  • jeamariajeamaria Posts: 1,851Registered Users
    That is an interesting find! :D
  • DolphinCurlsDolphinCurls Posts: 370Registered Users
    Interesting! :D I voted ten because there are so many different types of curls. So many different ways to wear them. And they are all unique. Shiny straight hair is overrated in my opinion.
    3A/2C combination of ringlets and waves :nike:
  • Gemini13Gemini13 Posts: 5,000Registered Users
    Ok, that just totally cracked me up. :lol:
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  • jazzijenni81jazzijenni81 Posts: 529Registered Users
    I voted 10! Curly hair is the most beautiful! I agree, straight hair is only nice when its really thick, jet black, and shiny. Most Indian/Asian/Middle Easterners have the straight hair I find beautiful.
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  • Curls&WavesCurls&Waves Posts: 46Registered Users
    Interesting find. I like curly hair too and think all hair types are beautiful. It is just when people try to make straight hair the "it" hair that I have a problem. Similar, to body type in a way with the whole skinny fixation and how those who are not part of the image are cast aside or shown to be yearning to be skinny. Just like those before and after pics of curly hair as before and straight hair as after. :roll:
  • Ab-starAb-star Posts: 1,128Registered Users
    Very interesting! I voted a ten...I have always thought curls were gorgeous even when I straightened my own hair.

    And that picture of you and your she could be your sister!
    pw - jack

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  • wild_sasparillawild_sasparilla Posts: 4,306Registered Users
    I have some itsy bitsy hairs at the nape of my neck that look exactly like that swirl diagram, and the rest of my hair is curly, so it must match too!!
    Heehee, I'm the golden ratio too!
    OMG, LOOK!!

    ...It's a siggie. :shock:

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