It's just not working for me

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I've been going poo-less for 3 months and using some of the products suggested here for my hair type (3c). I even spent way too much money on [buylink=]Kinky Curly Curling Custard[/buylink] and [buylink=]Knot Today[/buylink]...they didn't work. They made my hair really pretty for a couple of days but then it felt hard, dry and nappy. With my silicone based products, I could get several days worth of curls just by freshening up my hair with some water and conditioner. With the poo-less products, I literally have to co-wash at least 2-3 times a week. The whole curly girl poo-less method made my hair frizzier and dry.

I'm going back to my silicone products for the time being. I don't like the way my hair looks with this method. I have purchased the Mixed Chicks products and I'm hoping they will deliver as promised. If not, it's silicones for me. They work and they're far less expensive than these other products that so far, have not given me the results I was expecting.


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    Have you tried lo-pooing once in a while? Perhaps you are just someone who needs a good lo-poo as part of your routine.

    Yes, I am a 2 and we are supposed to lo-poo. But I will tell you, if I don't do it every 3 days, my hair looks like crapola.
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    No I didn't try the low-poo method. I literally went poo-less for 2 1/2 months and hated the way my hair looked.

    My Mixed Chicks products arrived yesterday. I will give them a try for a couple of weeks and see how that works. If I'm not happy, I may just try going low-poo for a while.

    What type of cleanser do you use?
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    Lena -

    I don't know if your profile pict is before or after going CG, but your hair is beautiful!
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    Thank you. That picture was taken last summer when I was still using Pantene. I started the CG method in February of this year. I was hoping that would be a "before" picture and after three months of CG I'd have a great "after" picture to post but it didn't work out that way.
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    Have you tried this site: ?

    Learn about your hair type and what ingredients work best for you. Feel free to PM me if you have more specific questions. I'll be happy to help if I can.
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