Should I thin it or get long layers put in?

fefeefefee Registered Users Posts: 9
I used to have really long dead straight hair, but then got it cut with layers in. The layers looked really bad but when i let them grow out it looked good!

About 2 years ago my hair went wavy (type 2c) and is very triangle-y! I think that having layers in when it was straight put me off them, but my hair is out of control!

Should i go for long layers or just ask the hairdresser to thin it?


  • Libra08Libra08 Registered Users Posts: 242
    I say go for long layers, but I'm a big fan of thick hair so my opinion may be biased. I think long layers are a good way to spice up long hair, especially because long hair can become very blah.
  • fefeefefee Registered Users Posts: 9
    i pretty much decided on long layers but i asked my hair dresser as well. she said the same so i went for it and its still wet but so far it looks good!

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