Questions from a newbie about conditioner

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I discovered CG a little over a year ago and have been really pleased with the results. However, I've been trying to figure out the best combo for my DD's hair. I'm not sure what her hair type is - I think it's a mix. Her hair used to be straight on top until we started going no 'poo, and now it has curled some on top, more of a wave. It becomes curlier until it has corkscrew curls at the bottom.

I am using Suave Naturals coconut conditioner as a co-wash. Do I also need to use a leave-in conditioner? I use clear aloe gel with a couple squirts of olive oil for styling. If I wash it in the day it tends to weigh down as it dries, but if I wash it at night I pineapple it and it's gorgeous the next day. The main problem I'm having is that her hair looks weighty on top by the end of the day if I don't pull her hair back. I'm concerned that the conditioner is weighing her roots down.

By the way, about every two weeks I do a baking soda rinse and then a vinegar rinse for deep cleaning and sealing the hair.

Thanks for any help/tips!

ETA: Typical example of her hair if I leave it down. This is about mid-day.


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    shes adorable.

    i think the olive oil might be weighing her hair down. does her hair feel like it needs a leave in? does it feel dry at all? ive found with my litle girl, leaving some type of product in softens her hair and actually brings out her curl pattern. i had been using california baby calming conditioner or [buylink=]kinky curly knot today[/buylink] as her leave in, but i just tried the genereic paul mitchell the conditioner and i really like that too (and its a great price).

    ive also heard from another member here who is a chemist that vinegar does not clarify your hair. i cant explain the science behind it but i believe her! ive never used vinegar (i hate the smell), but that could be part of the problem as well. you could try using a sulfate free shampoo instead of the baking soda and vingear and see if that makes any difference.
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    Thank you so much! I am not familiar with the other products you listed nor the generic PM, but I'll check into it. Are these products that can be found at any normal drugstore/Wal-Mart/grocery store, or would Sally's have them?
    That's interesting about the vinegar b/c I'm pretty sure I got that idea from CG, but I can't remember for sure. Maybe I should try baby shampoo instead every couple of weeks.
    Thanks for your advice!
    Here's a good hair day. :-)
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    that is a good hair day! i cant wait until my munchkin's hair is that long.

    kinky curly products can be found at whole food or online at this website or at their homepage

    california baby products are at whole foods and at target. probably other places too, but i know you can find them at those two stores.

    the generic PM you can get from sally's.

    most baby shampoos are really horrible, with the exception of those that are natural/organic. i used to use burts bees shampoo bar on my daughter's hair. giovanni also makes sulfate free shampoos that are really good and CG and can be found at target, walmart, and any place that sells natural products. kiss my face is another good line thta makes sulfate free shampoos and you can get them at target and other places that sell natural products.

    as far as the whole baking soda/vinegar thing here is the direct quote from nappy_curly_crown: a chemist...I've never understood folks adding baking soda to conditioner (did she say one chick lost some hair with this mess?) or using ACV to clarify. I've said it thousands of times...but ACV is NOT a clarifier! At is a weak acid and all it does is closes the cuticle of the hair shaft, giving the hair sheen and some "act right" but it is NOT a clarifier. It will not remove cones from your hair OR scalp nor will it remove build up from the hair.
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'll be sure to let you know how it works for us. Here I thought baby shampoo was really okay b/c it doesn't have cones.
    I have a son with curly hair as well, but the curls vary from day to day, depending on heat and humidity (or whatever it is that curls it more). It's kind of funny b/c on a yucky day his hair is out of this world! I haven't gone full-blown CG with him yet, but I probably will try more once I figure out my DD's hair. Thanks so much for your help!
    Your DD's hair is absolutely beautiful! Long hair is fun, but not so fun too due to tangles.
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    Hi, Your daughter is gorgeous and I LOVE her good day hair!
    I have 5 children with curly hair of various types. (I actually have 6 children but although my oldest son has wavy hair that doesnt really count cause he wont let me near it LOL)
    I am trying out CG with all of them and have made some discoveries. Most of the baby shampoos actually contain the same harsh cleansing ingredients as adult shampoos (sulfates) so should be avoided. Using too much conditioner, or a conditioner that is too heavy can weigh down my youngest ones hair. My 16 month old, and 3 year old do well with a low-poo once a week or so. (this is a shampoo that has no sulfates in) The rest of the time I co-wash with a light conditioner.I find they all (except my oldest daughter)get weighed down if I use a leave in.Usually I just use a little bit of pink boots curl creme, but not on the youngest ones who have finer hair and this also can weigh them down.My 16 month old has really fine (baby soft!) hair and only needs a TINY bit of conditioner or he gets very weighed down.My oldest daughter has much denser and coarser hair so can take heavier conditioners etc...

    I would suggest that the baking soda rinse and vinegar rinse may well be too much for her hair, and probably arent necessary. Maybe you could try co-washing with a light conditioner and not using a leave in. I would also leave out the olive oil for a while and see if that helps. I would also maybe look for a low-poo that you could use once in a while.
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