any cute barrettes or clips to bring out curly hair?

booklover13booklover13 Registered Users Posts: 10
are there any cute hair accessories that compliment hair styles?....ive seen headbands and stuff, but not many clips...please send pics if you have an idea!

thankies! =)


  • sarahb1396sarahb1396 Registered Users Posts: 169
    braids are really cute in curly hair and i love fresh flowers in curly hair too!
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  • YeliAngelYeliAngel Registered Users Posts: 9
    my latest obsession is bows from hot topic. they come in tons or shapes, colors, textures, etc. I have a bunch of them and wear them almost every day :)
  • amaliruamaliru Registered Users Posts: 48
    If you do hairstyles with bobby pins a lot, you can get some pins with rhinestones on them at some beauty supplies. Claire's has those as well, and more decorations like pearls, flowers, and colors. I'm 95% sure The Icing has them too, but I haven't been there in a while so I can't say for sure.
  • roccalumeraroccalumera Registered Users Posts: 51
    sarahb1396 wrote: »
    braids are really cute in curly hair and i love fresh flowers in curly hair too!
    flowers! love them too:D in curls it looks amazing! And much better then in straight hair :flower:
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  • CurlyPolkaDotCurlyPolkaDot Registered Users Posts: 1,174
    Slide in Clips like Bobby Pins with a decoration at the end Like these
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  • xodevinxodevin Registered Users Posts: 478
    Flexi-8 clips are GORGEOUS! But kind of pricy. I want some though. really bad. lol btw. :)
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  • ShellyBeeShellyBee Registered Users Posts: 67
    I second the bows thing. But I do mine differently. I buy regular bows, and I put[like super glue] bobby pins on the back of the bows, so the bows can be put into my hair. Pretty simple.
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