really cute hair styles anyone?

booklover13booklover13 Registered Users Posts: 10
ive got nice curly hair but i want to do really nice cute hairstyles with it, dont get me wrong i love the messy buns and stuff, but i wanted to go a little out of my comfort zone and try somthing different...any advice?

thankies ! =)


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    i have the same problem, i have been wanting to try a scarf at target they have some cute ones, and i like hair clips, ones that have stuff on them like butterflies or flowers i just bought a cute flower clip at target man i love that store ;) also braids and headbands are fun to play around with i like the thin headbands myself so its subtle and not a huge slap in the face heres some pictures and stuff


    sorry the pictures arent really working just type all that stuff into google images thats where i found all mine

    growing out this summer!
    type 2b 2c

    visit my art page :)

  • sarahb1396sarahb1396 Registered Users Posts: 169
    ~3a, normal porosity, normal texture, med density:toothy9:~
    ~My hair loves aloe vera gel and honey!:love1:~

    ~Right now my fav products are KKKC and vo5
    ~Hair twins with curlcutie!!:blob3:~

    ~My Fotki! pw curlyswirly:read2:
  • KsLiZCuRlZKsLiZCuRlZ Registered Users Posts: 272
    i'm no sure how long your hair is but there's this really cute style where u make a side ponytail but instead of using a band to tie it you use clips to put it in place to make it's the video

    ALso you can do a side messy bun with bangs
    You can do an alicia keys look and with subtle hair it would lool better then it does in the video
    CG..yep that's me!


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