no bangs to compliment my curls =(

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ok, i have really nice curls, since im 3a. but i have no bangs or a parting in my hair to have a nice little short cute piece hanging in front of my face. Im probably going to get a haircut soon, but im a little scared... im thinking about going shorter than ever like Selena gomez:

ha medium hair in length):

but the prob is i have no bangs, and im scared i wont look good with short hair, but i really want somthing different....becuz school is starting and i dont want to be bland

please tell me, should i get a cool haircut like selena or just a little trim??


  • EitakEitak Registered Users Posts: 31
    how long is your hair to start out with already? i think the selena haircut is cute, but her curls arent really 3a are they? your hair might shrink up if you get it cut and end up looking a lot shorter.

    i sayyyy, get a trim when it's dry and if you're still looking for a change, go for it. or try something else, like a new hair color or highlights.
  • booklover13booklover13 Registered Users Posts: 10
    I know, i got my haircut the other day and the hair cutter person said to not go to short so i got nice long layers and cute bangs, so when my hair dries it doesnt frizz up

    thank you for the advice! =)
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    could you post pictures? give other curlys an idea for a cut.
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