Ontario stylists with the Deva method?

TarriellTarriell Posts: 12Registered Users
I hear a lot about the Deva method and deva-certified here on the boards. Wonder if anyone between Toronto & Montreal up to Ottawa/Gatineau knows of a Deva-certified stylist? I'm willing to travel 4-5 hours to get a good cut (haven't had a cut in over a year).


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    Unfortunately, I don't have a lead for you. However, should you find a deva-certified stylist I would LOVE to hear about him/her. (I am in the Ottawa area.)

    I am very new to the whole cg routine. A lot of the products mentioned on the site seem to be US based or from US based websites.... and we know what that means! (Duties/Taxes/Shipping/Ugh!) Have you found any great locally available products? I spent 40 minutes in Shoppers reading labels and came away with Nothing except raised eyebrows from the shelf stocker who probably thought I was trying to shoplift.

    Your hair is stunning!
    Cheers, Lindie
  • TarriellTarriell Posts: 12Registered Users
    Hey I'm in Ottawa too!

    With the exception of L'Oreal's EverPure anti-frizz serum, I tend to only buy my hair stuff at Trade Secrets (or the same brands at a discount at Winners/Homesense - you get the 1 litre bottles there for $10-16).

    Right now, I'm using and liking stuff from the Abba line. I particularly like their Pure Curl shampoo and PureColor conditioner. I'm not so good at deciphering ingredients, admittedly, so I tend to stick with a shampoo routine, rather than go shampoo-less, under the assumption that probably at least one item I'm using has some silicone in it.

    If I dont' get any nibbles on the Deva method, I'm either going to try someone from boss Arts here in ottawa or head to one of the CG salons in Toronto in the fall.

    where do you get yours cut?
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    If you are coming to Toronto, there are a few Deva trained stylists here. Delineation at Yonge and Eglinton has Susan. The Curl Ambassadors (Harbord St near the University of Toronto) had a couple of Deva trained people. Then I have noticed on the Deva website http://www.devaconcepts.com/, that someone called Peter at Calia Hair Design (Yonge and Lawrence) is also Deva trained. It doesn't show anyone for Ottawa.

    I go to Susan at Delineation - she doesn't really believe in (or I think fully understand) CG but she will listen to what you want (e.g. no shampoo and they have Deva products). I like her cuts but think I style my hair better than she does. Oh, and you have to book weeks or even months in advance if you want a Saturday appointment.
    3a curls
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    Tarriell, Hello my fellow Ottawan! How is the humidity treating you? I finally grasped the difference between humidex and dew points (17.5 C!) yesterday. Yikes.

    I have been going to Dominic at Fernando Cellini Salon on Sussex for about 4 years. Dominic is the best stylist I have ever been to. Period. He trains with the TIGI people in NYC on a regular basis so while not deva-friendly, he is very knowledgeable and won't make your hair look like a pyramid. He is a curly guy himself, and was the first person to tell me "stop shampooing every day, only a couple times a week, do a conditioner rinse on the other days" ... which I thought was sacrilege at the time. He is pretty pricey ($95). I haven't been to BossArts in years so I don't have a clue how their prices compare. Be forewarned: Dom can be a bit scissor happy and always insists on cutting off the dead stuff. For instance, my pic was taken just before my last cut (it is day-3 hair, not my best). My hair is now just above my collarbone. sigh.

    I've never been in to Trade Secrets - I'm such a Shoppers Optimum Points junkie! I will have to check it out. I did find some cg products at the Natural Food Pantry and am trying a J/A/S/O/N shampoo and condish. And the NFP people aren't fazed by how long you stand around reading labels.:lol: So far (two washes and one co-wash) so good. Thanks for the info on the Abba line, I love having more than one product line in my toolbox.

    Minix, thanks for the info on Toronto stylists! Hmmmm... I think there may be a visit to Toronto this winter!
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    there used to be a stylist at Hair Bananas in the Rideau Centre who was good with curly hair, but i haven't lived in Ottawa for over 3 years so i don't know if a) the salon is there or b) if the stylist would still be there if the salon is.

    a friend from here in London just moved up there and she came all the way back here this week for vacation and to get her hair cut here.

    when you find someone good, you're reluctant to give them up!

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