3a Haircut Help, Please!

0gden0gden Posts: 2Registered Users
I've just recently within the last couple of years started to embrace my curly hair. I've almost completely stopped straightening (except for bangs). I haven't had my hair cut by a professional in a few years, and I've never had my hair cut with my curls in mind.

Can any of you help me figure out what a suitable haircut would be? I like pretty harsh side-swept bangs with shorter layers framing the face, but other than that I have no clue! Should I ask for the rest of my hair layered? What kind of layers? Any advice/words of wisdom would be helpful! :lol:


  • lainielanelainielane Posts: 3Registered Users
    i think your hair is beautiful as is, but layers will help you show off your curls and give you a more rounded look...i am actually considering a similar cut (it's so hard to make up your mind! haha)
  • ohcurlyoneohcurlyone Posts: 20Registered Users
    if your hairdresser mentions anything about texturizing or thinning then run outta there pronto. I had a hairdresser attempt that once with disasterous results. I agree with lainielane- rounder would look good on you, a few layers would shape and update the whole look.
  • 0gden0gden Posts: 2Registered Users
    Thanks, I'm definitely going to ask for layers. I have nice layers in the front, but the back of my hair is just blah and flat. Oh, dear, I wouldn't let them thin my hair! I don't have very thick hair to begin with.

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