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A helpful little bird told me I hadn't gotten any responses to my hair type query because my hair didn't look like a type 3a on the photos I'd posted and people were being nice about not telling me I was more of a 2c (thinking I had posted in the 3a forum because of preconceived ideas I would rather not be relieved of).

I guess I should have posted in the general hair section as it would have avoided this misconception! ...I don't "want" to be this or that hair type, but I did think that I was a 3a (:confused1:) , hence that's where I posted - hoping to have it either confirmed or to be pointed elsewhere ;)

I do realise I should have posted better photos so I have added 2 pics where I think it is a bit easier to see my hair (full portrait) and where I have barely used any product (only homemade FSG):

And please don't think that I want only this or that feedback: ANY feedback is welcome! In other words: I am happy being any one hair type, just as long as I learn to care for my hair in the best way! That's why I've also posted a pic that I think is fairly accurate of what my hair looks like when I haven't styled it much, and not even smoothed down the frizzies :icon_smile:

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