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Need Help with Daughters hair

RoxanneRoxanne Posts: 6Registered Users
I have a precious 5 year old daughter. She is biracial (black/white) and she has very soft curly hair. I need help with which products I should be using in her hair. I have attached a few pictures for you to see her hair.

Thank you for your help!!

P.S. The first picture is of her right out of the shower and the other one is after she had been playing outside all day.


  • heartofcurlsheartofcurls Posts: 215Registered Users
    What products are you using?
    Co wash: GTTT Conditioner
    Rinse out: G 50:50 or GVPCB
    Leave In: GDLI
    Gel: KCCC and LA Looks Sport
    My HG is Pink Boots!
  • mumofcurlygirlmumofcurlygirl Posts: 472Registered Users
    Don't have much advice as I'm still working out my little ones hair but just wanted to say your daughter is gourgous:love7: and her curls are amazing -so defined and pretty! you must be doing something right :)

    you may want to post this on the main board as you'll get more replies
    Trying to work out my 5 year olds 2c fine frizzy/curly hair

    /home/leaving?target=http%3A%2F%2Fpublic.fotki.com%2Fangel6901%2F" class="Popup
    Password; curlygirl

    Loving KBB and Kinky Curly!! :love7::
  • RoxanneRoxanne Posts: 6Registered Users
    Well, I have tried a few things that either make her hair very greasy or weigh it down. Here are a few of the things athat I have tried. Olive Oil hair lotion, Pink Lotion and sunsilk which worked ok but not great.
  • mumofcurlygirlmumofcurlygirl Posts: 472Registered Users
    Have you tried Curl Junkie? these products are very big on here at the moment, Ive been using Curl rehab on my daughters hair and its amazing!! makes her hair so soft, Ive also just got some CJ coffee-coco cream which i'm going to try

    the products I love are

    Kinky curly

    Karens body beautiful

    Curl Junkie (so far only tried 1 product)

    Herbal essences HH as a co wash and leave in (cheap, good detangler and gives soft clumpy curls)

    Good luck!
    Trying to work out my 5 year olds 2c fine frizzy/curly hair

    /home/leaving?target=http%3A%2F%2Fpublic.fotki.com%2Fangel6901%2F" class="Popup
    Password; curlygirl

    Loving KBB and Kinky Curly!! :love7::
  • poppinspoppins Posts: 104Registered Users
    hi, I'm sorry I dont have any advice, I'm new to all this too, but just wanted to say how gorgeous your daughter is, she has such a lovely smile, and her hair is beautiful!Hope you find a routine that works for her.
    2c coarse,very dense hair, average porousity.
    Currently using:
    Original Source conditioners
    Boots intensive Honey and Jojoba hair mask
    Boots pink curl creme
    Loreal InvisiGel mineral gel
    Also now experimenting with Anita Grant products Yay!
    Also mom to 6 little curlies of various types!:love4:
    Avi:My cute baby boy's super soft baby curls!
  • godgavemecurls82godgavemecurls82 Posts: 158Registered Users
    hi roxanne, im biracial as well (filipina & black.) i have 3c hair. as i was growing up my mother used a lot of hair products in my hair that were geared towards afro americans with kinky hair. the products are okay for making your hair soft as your combing your hair and reducing frizz. however, i was never fond of the smell. i thought products like: motions, pink hair moisturizer, soft sheen, african pride, queene helen, aphogee were the only products out there for my hair type. you would usually find them in your local grocery store or drug store and sally's beauty supply. get rid of them, those particular products have a lot of mineral oil in them. the products always had a way of attracting dirt in your hair. if you use too much of the product in your daughters hair it will end up very oily and greasy looking and gives that weighed down look. it also tends to soak through the pillow case while you sleep. i recommend products jessicurl, curl junkie, curls, mixed chicks, miss jessie's, mop top, deva curl, giovanni, ouidad, frederik fekkai, aveda, biolage, curly hair solutions, redken. here are some products that are great for frizz: giovanni frizz be gone, oscar blandi hair serum, organix coconut milk anti breakage hair serum (they also have a pomegranate, vanilla, and shea butter serum to choose from), fx special effects silk drops, garnier fructis sleek & shine serum (garnier has a few more serums and leave-ins in their curl line), and kerastase. avoid products like: pantene, biosilk, john frieda, sunsilk like they are the plague. those products will dry your daughters hair out so fast. i didn't say anything about suave, loreal, garnier fructis, dove, vo5 or herbal essence because i know there are a lot of curly heads out there that still swear by that stuff. These companies are now coming out with sls free shampoos and conditioners which is suppose to be gentler on your hair and they smell really nice. always wash your daughters hair with shamp & cond at least once a week, and conditioner wash her hair during the rest of the week if you feel like she needs her hair washed again. curly hair needs lots of moisture it's also very fragile. there are a few books on amazon and barnes and noble that you can buy to learn how to care for curly hair: Hair Rules!, Curly Girl, Curl Talk and Strictly Curls. Hope this info helps. Before i go, i just wanted to say that your daughter is beautiful. 8)
  • HoneysmokeHoneysmoke Posts: 60Registered Users
    I have two biracial little girls. I use a little Carol's Daughter to tame the frizzies. No, the stuff isn't cheap, but it lasts quite a while. I usually apply it to wet hair hair and detangle from the ends to the roots with a wide-tooth comb on Sundays, which is hair washing day around here. During the week, I use a tad every other day or so to keep the frizzies in check. HTH.
  • HoneysmokeHoneysmoke Posts: 60Registered Users
    Sorry, I didn't say the name of the product I use. It's Carol's Daughter Hair Milk.
  • DanijadeDanijade Posts: 4Registered Users
    I use Carol's Daughter Tui Leave-in conditioner and Hair milk. I just discovered these products for my daughter's 4a curly hair and it is not heavy at all - but detanglers incredibly. I've tried probably all the other products and now that I've discovered this I promise my search is over!!!

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