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I've been attempting CG since January...and My hair still is dry and I never have 2nd day hair and still frizzy and undefined....:sad7:

So my question is does anyone have any simple solutions or ideas? I already have a million products I have yet to spend money on the expensive products I see most of you use.

I do co-wash like I guess everyday I've stopped so much because I thought maybe it wasn't helping.
I feel like if I don't wet my hair it gets dry and frizzy immediatly and when I do spritzing with water it takes forever for it to get wet.

its mainly (i have no idea how this slanted font just got here btw) dry at the top area.



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    It's quite normal for the canopy (the top bit of your hair) to be dry - that's most exposed to the elements and needs the most TLC.

    And it is possible for people to get great results inexpensively - it might help if you told us what sort of products you were using, and if you had any idea of the texture or porosity of your hair.
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    I don't even know I've tryed reading about how they describe texure and porosity but it makes no sense to me lol

    The products I'm currently using are:

    Avalon Oraganics Peppermint Conditioner is what I Co-wash with

    Deep conditioner is : Lustrasilk shea butter


    To style I currently use: Biotera styling Gel

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    So now that you know what hair texture is, how can you figure out your own? To determine your texture, grasp a single hair strand firmly between your thumb and index finger near the root, then run your fingers in the direction of scalp to end. If the hair feels barely there, is very soft and feels kind of flyaway, it's fine. If it feels a bit more substantial, but is still relatively smooth, it's medium. If it feels rough to the touch, it's coarse.

    After reading that I still don't know! It might be medium but it also might be coarse. One strand felt coarse and another felt smooth.

    To determine your own hair's porosity, grasp a hair strand firmly between your fingers. Slide the thumb and index finger of your other hand from end to scalp (opposite direction as for texture test). If your fingers "catch" going up the strand, or feel like they are ruffling up the hair strand, your hair is overly porous. If it is smooth, you have normal porosity. If your fingers move very fast up the hair strand and it feels exceptionally slick, you have low porosity.

    and I think my hair is high porosity but then again it might be normal because once again some strands went up easy and another strand did not. :dontknow:


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