lightening my dark base?

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I have had highlights done for the past 10 years, a wheat/pale blonde on my medium brown hair. This last time I also added lowlights to break up the solid blonde and to blend in the natural brown hair so when I have regrowth, it won't look so horrible.

I don't think the lowlights did the trick, my natural hair is too dark. I am now thinking of lightening the base to a light brown. I'm worried because I have red/orange undertones.

Has anyone had success with this without it coming out orangy/brassy? (I'm having it professionally done)


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    I apologize Cuban Curls because I have no answer to your question, but I wondered if you would answer one of mine. I have brunette hair with gray which I cover myself with Loreal and I was thinking of getting highlights. My question is, when I put in the color to cover my grey roots and it washes out over the highlights, will it dull them so that it's not worth having them in the first place?

    I hope someone with good knowledge answers your question and again, sorry that I don't know the answer.
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    Highly porous. Color over grey.
    I love all the Curl Junkie products. Still experimenting with gels and curl creams. Still hoping for 2nd day hair....
    Every day is a gift :flower:
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    My hair is a natural medium brown also. The only way I have been able to lighten with color without pulling orange is to use a green based ash. The problem is that not many professional color lines like Kenra, Matrix, or Goldwell are manufacturing green based ash colors these days because they are very old school shades, TRUE ashes that almost appear gray. However these old school gray ashes are a boon to anyone with very dark hair wanting to lighten without pre-bleaching.

    My suggestion to your stylist would be to foil your brassy base with this formula: 1 ounce Miss Clairol 32D Moon Haze, 1 ounce Miss Clairol 46D Chestnut Brown, 2 ounces of Clairol Pure White 20 volume developer. This mixture is a very drab green based light ash brown. Since you're only lightening one shade the processing time shouldn't exceed 30 minutes. Your final results will not be ash, it will be a neutral light brown with slight gold tones. The extra coolness in this formula is going to cancel out all of the orange as it lightens. There is nothing you can do about the gold though, that is as drab as you're going to get. But like I said it's just a slight hint of gold.

    Buy these chemicals yourself at Sally Beauty Supply and find a hairdresser who will use this formula. It's hard to find one who will but it's worth the search. Trust me, I know. I've had so many clueless stylists turn my hair orange with their "superior" color that it isn't funny. My hair is red right now but this time I want it to be. :laughing6:

    P.S. Do not let your stylist talk you into using a blue or blue-violet based ash, all these are going to do is soften the orange, not eliminate it. I know this from experience too.
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    I forgot to ask, is your base natural? If it is dye then you will have to strip it out with bleach and tone it back up to brown. You cannot lift color with color.
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    Rock on Stranger,
    Good advice, are you a stylist? I use Shwartzkopf in the salon and they do have a green base so if you want to go to a pro find a salon that carries that color, you want a 3 base, good old school green. Make sure if you follow Stranger's directions that you not get any on the blond or you will look like a martian child.
    Good luck

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