Hazards scenting recipes with EO's?

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I just scented a good sized batch of hair butter with tangerine EO, but then I found out that tangerine, and the other citrus EO's are phototoxic. I can't really find anything about what this means. anyone know?
I did come across something that just said not to expose skin within 12 hours that had citrus EO on it. But the same catalog had handmade soap with lime EO to scent it.
I know that sweet orange EO is a popular one to scent recipes with so it can't be that bad right? Does it just mean it can bleach your skin if exposed to sunlight with high concentrations of the EO? Similar to using lemon juice and heat/sun to for highlights?
Any insight would be great!
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    its not bad its in alot of citrus stuff...
    a phototoxic substance is just when a chemical compound that becomes toxic only when exposed to light.

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