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Are there any products that you recommend that have worked for you or others that you can find in a local store such as a Target, Wal-Mart, etc?

If not, which stores can I find products that can defrizz, define, and make my hair more healthy?

Please help! thank you.


  • TCHanson TCHanson Posts: 34Registered Users
    Yes there definitely good products at local stores!
    Are you CG? If so you can get conditioners such as Suave Naturals or VO5 at stores such as Target, Wallmart, and drugstores.
    A lot of girls like Giovanni products which can be found at Target.
    Styling products may be a bit harder to find locally if you're CG.
    I know a lot of CG's use Herbal Essence Gels such as Set Me Up which can be found at most stores. I use an Aussie mousse which is CG and can be found at most stores too.

    There are other threads about cheap CG products that you can get at local stores, just try googling it on here!

    Good luck!

    CG since March 2009
    Hair Type: 3a
    Low-Poo: Naked Naturals (1x a month)
    Co-wash: VO5 Tea Therapy
    Deep Conditioner: Generic Value Conditioning Balm

    Gel-Herbal Essence Set Me Up
    Mousse- Aussie
    Occasionally-Molasses and olive oil.
  • KaynadianKaynadian Posts: 1Registered Users
    I found that Sunsilk defrizz line worked quite well for my hair. I used it for at least a year without any problems of build up or making my curls dull. You can find it in most drugstores.
  • WavyAngieWavyAngie Posts: 44Registered Users
    I find that I have the best luck finding products at Target and Rite Aid. I've found the Giovanni products in both. I use LVPNG conditioner, which I can only find at Rite Aid. A lot of people use HE products, which you can find at both. Some of the Garnier Fructis products aren't bad, but many of them are not CG so pay attention. Tresemme tends to have lots of cones. Target in particular has a good selection of what I consider to be higher end products (Redkin, TIGI, Biolage), but not all of them are CG. Target has some natural brands as well, like Giovanni, Burt's Bees, that sort of thing.

    A lot really depends on whether you're CG or not. If you aren't, you can find tons of products. If you are, you can still find plenty of good stuff (I just went CG, and I got all my products from either Target or Rite Aid), you just have to look closely at the labels.

    I know some people shop at Trader Joe's and/or Whole Foods, but I don't have one of those near me.
    I have fine, 2c hair with normal porosity (I think.... :) ).

    Currently, I'm using Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut (co-wash), LVPNG (regular conditioner), Giovanni Direct Leave-In, and HETT (gel). Every now and then (once a week or so, whenever my hair needs it) I use GTTT shampoo. I've had good success with plopping and pixie curling, but my hair dries best if I shower and then sleep on it. My hair does NOT like honey.

    I've been CG since June 29th, 2009.
  • Rebecca 1995Rebecca 1995 Posts: 118Registered Users
    I am a big fan of mousses, leave-in conditioners, and spray gels. I really like garnier fructis curl spray gel (as shown in my signature) and nexxus leave-in conditioning spray, both of which i can find at any local drugstore (since I buy my products there, but i'm sure that you can find them at target/walmart/whatever.)

    As for mousses, i've used Samy curl mousse, but now I'm using tresemme curl mousse. Look for alcohol free formulas to make hair less dry. I also used to use Herbal Essences Totally Twisted gel which is pretty good and cg.

    Also, I like Herbal Essences hello hydration conditioner cause it's an amazing in shower detangling conditioner. Catwalk curls rock is pretty good, but it's a bit sticky so I would be careful to only use it on thicker hair (unless you only use a tiny bit) and garnier fructis sleek and shine leave-in conditioning cream is good too.

    Hope i helped a bit (i know that i wrote a lot =P). Good luck!
    Hair type: 2c - 3b!! o and its thick =]]

    Currently Using:
    -John Frieda Daily Nourishment leave-in conditioning spray
    -Alberto VO5 Curvaceous Curls Styling Mousse
    -Living Proof No Frizz, Wave Shaping/Curl Defining Styling Cream (thick to coarse hair)

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