SELL/Swap list! Lots of stuff!

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OK Curlies! I'm putting up my FIRST Sell/Swap list! Help me clean up my cabinet! I'd rather just sell because I think I've found my combo and don't really want to try anything new just yet. Can't think of anything I need right now. (I've been using RC shampoo/conditioner and the B2B combo).
So here's the list:

Aussie Gloss Drops new 2.02 oz 3.00
L'Oreal Color Vive Shampoo 2/3 of 9 oz 1.25
L'Oreal Color Vive Conditioner new 9 oz 2.00
L'Oreal Color Vive Conditioner 2/3 of 9oz 1.25
Clairol Color Hold Color refresher for Light brown/blonde hair new 4 oz 2.00
DEP Mousse 'n' Gel new 7 oz 2.00

Shipping extra. The more you get, the more you save!

E-mail me if you are interested in anything, or have questions. Thanks! biggrin.gif Sherri

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    I've edited, so just bumping. This list is also on the general hair board. Anyone want anything? Good stuff, just don't use it.