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    I was wondering if there were ingredients in makeup or lotions to stay away from? Ingredients that are harsh, drying, and generally not healthy or could compromise the health of the skin?

    Also, is mineral makeup healthier for the skin? I switched to using this type b/c I thought it would be healthier for my skin.

    I dont know what ingrediants are bad, but I dont know that mineral makeup is the healthiest kind of makeup. My mom worked at bare escuentals for 2 years, and all of there makeup is pure natural minerals. This is better than say, a liquid foundation, because it blends in with your skin and doesnt lay on top of it.

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    ones you can't pronounce.. well that's what leslie from bare minerals said!

    It doesn't really matter to me.. you take it off at night anyway, well I do.
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    http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/acnedetect.htmThis site has a list of ingrdients that cause acne and ingredients that irritate the face (I think this is more what you are looking for). As far as mineral makeup being better for the skin, I think it depends on the person. Like some peoples faces are sensitive to talc which is in many mineral makeups.[/url]
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    if you have acne then the following excerpt has some tips on ingredients to avoid in makeup:

    FAQ on Acne

    Examine the contents of the makeup and avoid the following compounds: acetylated lanolin, algae extract, algin, butyl stearate, carrageenan, cocoa butter, hexadecyl alcohol, laurel alcohol, laureth 4, isocetyl stearate, isopropyl esters, isopropyl isosterate, isopropyl myristate, isopropyl palmitate, isostearyl isostearate, myristyl lactate, myristyl myristate, octyl stearates, oleyl alcohol, potassium chloride, PPG 2 myristyl propionate, red algae, sodium chloride, sodium lauryl sulfate, solulan 16, steareth 10 and wheatgerm oil.

    Keep in mind that hair products may aggravate acne. Watch the use of styling gel, mousse, pomades and hairspray.
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    I know that you should avoid lip balms that have camphor in it UNLESS you are treating chapped lips.
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