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Okay, so I love the idea of dairy whip. Not for any particular reason, I just wanna experience the fluffy, creamy goodness.

And yes, I wanna be weird and make my own.

So, i looked up how to make whipped soap, and I learned more than I need to know about hot process soap etc.

I really, really don't wanna make hot process soap right now. Maybe after this summer, but anyways.

I'm sitting here with a liquid castile soap base (thickened) and aloe butter, and shea butter, and babasu butter. I'm thinking maybe some stearic acid, maybe some goats milk? I can't use citric acid as a pH balancer cause it really dries me out. SooOO I was thinking latic acid.

The liquid soap base came with borax for an emulsifier, but isn't that alkaline? Why would I wanna add an alkaline subustance to a saponified oil that already usually runs high on the pH scale?

Since this is just for me, I don't care if its clear, pretty, semi lumpy. YKWIM? I do want it to be whipped like and fluffy though. I'm seriously just about to jump in there and melt the base (its a base specifically for liquid castile soap) and get to mixing with my hand blender. I think I just might add powdered goats milk. Though I think I might wait and order some pH balancer of my choice and some stearic acid... might make it more whip creamier. Though less mix and go.

Anyway, I would appreciate some brainstorming to help me along :) Also, if anyone has tried this? Or if anyone knows this is already a stupid idea...
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