I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! (and some stuff up for swaps...)

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aren't we lucky?!! a little board all of our own!!

ok, here's some stuff i would like to swap:

* tigi essensuals spray gel - used 3x

* fudge shaper - used 1x

* fudge skrewd - used 2x

i'm sure there's more but i'll have to go and raid my bathroom... wink.gif


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    I am really looking for Sebastian Laminates, B&B, Ouidad, Artec, plus Biosilk line, Shea and Green Tea lotion etc-ANYTHING for fine hair
    I have items such as:
    *2 bottles of Physique Spiral Creme
    *Pot of Shea Butter-refined
    *Citre Shine Texturising Lotion
    *Hair Toys Gel
    *Dep Green Gel
    *L'anza ReBalance Leave in Conditioner (I have the salon size from lovely seller but i would put this in smaller sized pots)
    *Gianni Umberto Curl Friends Scrunching Jelly
    *Gianni Umberto Moisurising Shampoo
    *Lush Trichomania
    *Frizz Ease Corresctive Shampoo
    *John Frieda Ready to Wear Thickening Shampoo

    Samples of Bouncy Creme, L'occtaine Shea Butter, Lush H'aun San Henna and more!!!

    Thanks Gretchen!!! smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif

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    Ali have you anything else to swap?
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    i have loads of non-hair stuff- fragrances and things... hang on, i'll copy the list from the main swap board...

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    here's my latest swap list... i can also buy tigi curl jam for anyone who wants to try it.
    * tigi essensuals spray gel - used 3x

    * fudge skrewd - used 2x

    * fudge shaper - used 1x

    * bumble & bumble leave-in conditioner - 2oz about 3/4 full

    * citre shine glossing wax - 1.4 oz at least 3/4 full

    * citre shine curling balm - 3.3 oz feels about 2/3 full

    other beauty stuff:

    * ysl paris eau de toilette - 125 ml over 3/4 full

    * dior hypnotic poison - 30 ml 3/4 full

    * cabotine de gres - 30ml 2/3 full

    * origins tuning solution for combination skin - 5oz slightly less the 1/2 full

    * fine tuner for combo skin - 1.7 oz 1/4 full

    * philosophy never let them see you shine - 1oz 3/4 full

    * clinique dramatically diff moisturiser - 1.7 oz 2/3 full

    * clinique exfoliating lotion no 2 - 6.7oz 1/3 full - i will throw this free for anyone who wants it - there's not much left.
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    Hello Ali. Thanks.

    Ali I will think if I can use something from your list. I'm not to sure now but maybe....


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