MGA Sculpting gel

CurlyRaeCurlyRae Posts: 129Registered Users
I bought MGA Sculpting gel a few days ago and just got it in the mail. It is unopened.

I just realized it has protein in it. (my nemesis :angry3:) So I can't use it.

I paid 14.99 for it but I'll sell it for $12 plus shipping.
I have med/coarse 3a/b curls with low porosity and normal elasticity. Thank you Live Curly Live Free!!

Basically CG since '06

Protein is my enemy :evil5:

Mag. Sulfate gives me serious frizz :eek:

Loving: JCWDT, KCKT & KCCC :laughing6:


  • elissadelissad Posts: 268Registered Users
    PM'ed you
    mostly 3a/some 3b/2c at the nape
    med-coarse and porous
    Current routine:
    Cleansing: Co-wash with V05, JCCC
    Leave-in: KCKT
    Stylers: HESMU, Joiwhip
    Protein Treatment: Ion effective care treatment

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