Newbie here, questions about products and straightening

Hi everyone! :) I'm new to this site and the no-poo method (planning to begin this weekend) and just have a couple of questions that I hope some of you might be able to answer.

I went through all of my hair products last night and put aside everything that contains sulfate and/or silicones... what I plan to use for my routine now are: Suave Naturals Ocean Breeze conditioner for co-washing, L'Oreal Nutrigloss for wavy/curly hair (the light pink bottle) conditioner and Nature's Gate Hemp Nourishing conditioner for regular conditioning, and Fantasia IC Hair Polisher styling gel and L'Oreal Out of Bed Weightless texturizer for styling.

Does this sound okay? I have a lot of fine to medium hair that has not been colored or chemically processed, layered with the longest bits at about bra strap length, is relatively healthy and I'm guessing a normal porosity level although I'm not too sure about this yet.

I have a Samy conditioner (the orangish-yellow one) for curls and couldn't find any offenders in the ingredient list, but then again I'm new to this stuff and am not sure about using it. If anyone knows whether or not this is okay to use that would be great. :)

Also, is occasional straightening with a flat iron okay or will it totally negate the benefits of going shampoo-less? I'm talking maybe once every week or two and on some special occasions. I know it isn't the greatest for my hair and, while I like wearing it curly, I'm not willing to give up the straightened look completely. Also, what is a good cone-free protectant to use for this? The Fantasia hair polisher actually has sunscreen in it--I was wondering if using this beforehand would have a similar effect as a heat protector spray?

I plan on doing my final clarifying shampoo wash Saturday night, straightening for Sunday and then going no-poo from there on. I actually washed with Suave naturals conditioner last night and have nice, non-greasy hair today, so I'm hoping that my hair will adjust relatively quickly without having to use even a gentle shampoo.

Anyway, thanks for reading that incredibly long-winded post and I appreciate any help you guys can give me. Thanks in advance!! :)

Here is a picture for reference:


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