Are there any curly girls from Holland??

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hi curly girls , just wondering if there are any curly heads in holland that can help me find some of these hair products im looking for..... im kinda feeling im the only curly head here icon_sad.gif hope to here from a curl somewhere ...
*white lilies island 3b*


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    white lilies island,

    I wish I could help you with the product search. But I just wanted to say hi and that I *heart* the Netherlands--it's one of my favorite places in Europe! I spent a lot of time with a friend in Rotterdam (years ago) and when I lived in Greece, many of my good friends there were Dutch--amazing people. Good luck!
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    thanx, still trying to find some products over here, they just brought down some john frieda products which i thought are really good!! other then that still searching...
    hope you enjoy coming to holland again icon_wink.gif
    *white lilies island 3b*
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    There are a lot of afro shops in the Netheralnds. and they also have a good collection of USA products (not all ). there is a webshop that has products that I have never seen in the Netherlands and the all come from USA. they have natural products
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    I'm in Holland! It can be tough, but you can find some good products. I order things from Mariposa Imports. Lori is SO nice, and they have great products. I also use Avalon Organics, which you can get at De Tuinen. The drugstores are mostly full of products that aren't good for your hair, but there are plenty of salon products available. You can get TIGI from Toni and Guy Salon, there's one in Magna Plaza in Amsterdam.

    So, the bottom line is that you can get good products, but it's expensive! Just bring an empty suitcase when you go on vacation, to buy hair stuff!
  • shoe3345shoe3345 Posts: 4Registered Users
    jcg wrote:
    I order things from Mariposa Imports.

    I think that that is a brilliant idea.
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    I'm from Holland and I order from, they sell products from the US.

    The Kemi-line and the BBD are supposed to be great for curly hair. I just ordered the products, so I will come back to this topic when I've used them and give you a review.

    I also love Humectress which you can buy at Kinki Kappers and L'anza (Styling Cream is great for weighing your hair down and getting fatter curls and Hair Polish gives you great shine and a wonderful smell). These products are expensive, though.

    Lately I've just been using Olive Oil Moisturizing Lotion (elke toko!), costs about 3,50 Euro and conditioner mixed with honey and olive oil and I'm good to go!

    Good luck finding what works for you!

    xoxo Miss Dogla
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  • faryellefaryelle Posts: 21Registered Users
    Kroeshaar is not based in the Netherlands but in USA. I do not know how they do it, with taxes and all, but that could explain how comes that they are able to sell at lower prices.
  • Miss DoglaMiss Dogla Posts: 102Registered Users
    Yes, that's right, they're based in NY.

    Thanks to this thread I also found mariposa import, and they see te sell more curly-oriented products so I'm really excited!
    My 3C / OS / silky-cottony / Afro-Indian hair loves: H2O, honey, olive oil, Suave Coconut and pretty much the entire line of Curl Junkie products!
  • butterfly22butterfly22 Posts: 103Registered Users
    Good thing that has been cleared up faryelle.
    4a/4b little 3c
  • Ms. CloudMs. Cloud Posts: 10Registered Users
    Hi everybody,
    are there any salons in holland that could be worth trying? I live in Germany near to the dutch border and would like to cut my curls.
    Any tips are welcome!
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  • s0ulchlds0ulchld Posts: 7Registered Users
    Hi i am from Holland you can order american hair procucts from Mariposa-import
  • YomYom Posts: 1,146Registered Users Curl Novice
    Another Dutch curly here:wave:
    Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
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  • naminami Posts: 2Registered Users
    You can order products also from

    Orderd from them before and i got my products.

    They sell sheamoisture,giovani direct leave in etc etc.
  • DraakjeDraakje Posts: 161Registered Users
    Another Dutchie here!

    Mariposa is the shop to go :) Very, very, very fast and cheaper then TPG (a whole 25 cents, but hey, I am cheap!).

    *never mind about the towels* Curlease' website provides wrong information, shipping is 20 dollars.
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    I'm a Dutch Curly too :D So cool that there are so many curlies here from Holland!!

    YAY for Dutch curlies! :hello1:
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  • millie_(A)TCKmillie_(A)TCK Posts: 404Registered Users
    I am from Holland but studying in Toronto, I came with a ton of products from here on my last visit to NL but was pleasantly surprised to find some of the products I use to be also available in De Tuinen and the same brand of almond oil I use here even cheaper in a chinese store in Utrecht. Aubrey Organics is sold in two health food supermarkets in Amsterdam and Qhemet in a store Nieuwegein. Check their website for directions. I find Afro stores in NL lacking in quality products for natural curlies and the healthfood stores outside A'dam not having much diversity but thank good for the internet, eh? If all else fails get an easyjet ticket to London and shop away.

    Lady Noa: Where do you get your products from?
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    Hey, i'm from holland too :) (rotterdam)

    It is quite difficult to get the products here :( I thought i could order them from curlmart but shipping cost are 80 dollar!! Didn't see where else i can get the Devacurl products. The youtube movies were amazing so i'd like to try that.. And Kinky Curly as i see it in so many signatures!

    Even Mariposa doesn't have devacurl as far as i could see. I use to order my jessicurl there but not too happy with the service.

    btw. lanza's bodyfying foam and styling gel make my hair look quite good but makes it feel sticky andhard .I like Jessicurl (well.. having a jessicurl break now :S) it normally makes my hair soft curly and moving.
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    Hi girls,
    Here another Dutchie! I've been looking as well a long time for American products here in Europe. You can try, where they have Curly Hair Solutions. This is (written in) Dutch. Another website where they have some products, is It's an English site and the shipping costs are not that expensive and you don't have to pay any taxes at the border.
    And last but not least: subscribe to the newsletter of this website! I bought a few months ago some stuff from here, because the shipping costs were only 5 dollar... You do have to pay some taxes, but it wasn't as much as I'd have expected.
    Hope it helps you!
  • EyeshadowEyeshadow Posts: 2Registered Users
    Hi girls,

    I also live in the Netherlands and I buy my products at A webshop based in the Netherlands.The service is great and the prizes are very sharp. And they also sell Curlformers, isnt that great :thumbright:

    They deliver to Europe, north america and i think even to the carribbean

    Hope this was helpfull for you all

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