Cosmetology graduation gift...

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My younger sister is graduating from cosmetology school next week and I'd like to get her something. This is her college graduation, so I want it to be something special, but I'm not really sure what to get her. She'll be working as a hair stylist once she's licensed, so I thought it would be cool to either get her something that would be useful once she's working, or something related to her profession in some way. Any ideas?


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    A professional style hair dryer, like a Chi?
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    She will need pretty much everything for her station--scissors, good hair dryer, diffuser, professional flat iron, combs, brushes, organizer thingy for her tools, etc--but I imagine she already had to buy most of those things for beauty school. What about a gift card to a professional beauty supply?

    ETA: I'm thinking gift card would be better anyway because she gets more bang for her buck that you would since she can go to the licensed-beauticians-only beauty supplies and she gets a discount at the other ones.
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