Baking Soda Conditioner

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I had seen a girl on youtube use this and I had to try it. Supposedly it reduces frizz and defines curls but it didn't do that for me but it made my hair EXTREMELY SOFT... I mean it was so soft, I thought some hair fell out or I'm thinking of the softest my hair has been from a deep treatment and it was the banana hair mask but this blows it out the water. It's the truth, you guys should give it a try, here is my mix

I used the rest of my VO5 and added maybe almost a half of box of the small baking soda($.30) and then a little oil. Wet my hair a little and then added it in sections, left it on about 1.5 hours and then washed.

When I first started washing it out, I didn't notice a difference but thn as most of it was out, OMG, super soft hair. I followed up with a small detangle(easy) with Suave.... this is probably going to be my favorite DT from now on, once a month probably. And its cheap, you can't beat that.

Here are some youtube vids of people doing this:
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    mzmillion wrote: »
    ...I mean it was so soft, I thought some hair fell out or

    You too? LOL

    My hair was so soft and thin after a baking soda/conditioner clarifying treatment that I had my friend do a breakage inspection. LOL

    I followed up with a aubrey organics honeysuckle rose deep conditioner and it was scary how manageable my hair was. lol

    so scary that I did a protein treatment the following week. lol
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    I did this yesterday. this is my new favorite cheap thing!
    I used coconut oil and my ocean breeze suave conditioner and honey.

    My hair was soft, CLEAN!, it also felt deep conditioned, and my curls was lookin soo darn hot!!!

    Guess what........ WE ARE ALL IGNORANT
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    Be careful with your the comments from lilmzthunda below this video (seems that her mixture made her lose some hair from this):

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    And I like this video about just being careful with mixing things and maybe try doing a patch test first...

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    Just don't want any of my NC sistahs going bald or messing up their beautiful hair :happy5:

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    People seem to love this. I tried it earlier this week on only a section of hair thank god and my hair was dry and crispy but the curls were popping. Never again. I will never do. I'm itching to try the lola treatment though. I don't know. I'll have to think on that.
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    curlykye wrote: »
    Be careful with your the comments from lilmzthunda below this video (seems that her mixture made her lose some hair from this):

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    I'll definitely check this out when I get home tonight.

    That's scary.

    My hair is so darn thick that it's hard to tell if I lost some or not. lol

    But, it is quite possible because shortly after, I did a blog post on breakage or new growth about some shorter hairs. Now that I think about it, it could have been very same wash session.

    I didn't follow any particular recommendation or view any youtubes prior but just decided to poor a little into my conditioner prior to washing each section during a cowash as a clarifying treatment.

    WOW. SCARY!!!

    Think I'll stick to my acv.