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Hi guys. It looks like I only ever come back when I'm at my wits end, but you ladies are so chock full of advice I can't stay away.

Last summer I discovered a simple routine that kept my 3a curls light and bouncy and happy: Freemans Papaya Moisture poo once a week, Freemans Papaya Shine condish everyday, and AVG as a styling gel.

Lately, however, my hair has been very frizzy and has been feeling over-moisturized. I've tried all sorts of variations in my routine, but all the results are equally undesirable: dry frizz, flaky scalp, shapeless frizzy curls...

Everything but the canopy has stopped curling all together, just fuzzy waves. I don't know what to do. Can anybody suggest any treatments or products?

Thanks so much


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    Is your hair coarse or fine? If its fine, I would recommend trying a protein treatment. It worked really well for me when my hair was limp and not curling well.
    I made my own with egg etc, but there are also plenty of commercial ones out there. HTH
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    When did you start having the problem? What has the weather been like?
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  • MagicMarkers92MagicMarkers92 Posts: 159Registered Users
    I think I started noticing it acting up about three weeks ago. The weather has been wet ... not too humid and not too hot, but definately wet.

    My hair varies. It's fine and soft but when it gets frizzy the frizz is really kinky and jagged. I'm not sure if thats normal.
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    What is your washing routine? the flaky scalp is a tipoff.. suggests product buildup to me. Perhaps try a few washes with a different buildup remover shampoo? then a deep conditioner.

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