Should I use a rinse-out co as well as a leave-in?

PierrePierre Registered Users Posts: 6
I already use a leave-in, it also acts as my styling product since I don't use any. Just wondering if it is worth it to do this.

Also, could I just use my leave-in co as a rinse-out? Sorry if I am being confusing lol.


  • wild_sasparillawild_sasparilla Registered Users Posts: 4,306
    If your leave-in gives you enough moisture on its own, using a separate rinse-out condish could actually over-condition and frizz you up!
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  • kimmyckimmyc Registered Users Posts: 551
    I need to condition in the shower so I can detangle. Then I put a leave-in on when I'm done (before my products). If you have enough moisture with only your leave-in then I would say that's fine to just use it.
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