Would light aburn look good on me or just plain horrible???

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I couldnt upload a pic of me because it was to many gbs. So here is a person with a similiar haircolor to mine. http://www.womenshairstylesonline.com/Hair/Gallery/Long_Brown_Hair_96353.jpg
Mine only looks a little different because i have highlights of blonde and red in mine from over a year ago that are almost completely faded. Her face tone is even simliar but i have freckles. I have more across my nose and my check than anywhere else but i do have a few scattered on my forehead. But anyways i love them to death and i would hate if didnt have them. The color i want is this http://www.lorealparisusa.com/_us/_en/default.aspx#page=top{nav|media:_blank|overlayroductdetail//objectid+HCo12_23//|diagnostic|main:searchresult//keyword+dark%20auburn//|userdata//d+d//} Isaw t at walmart and fell in love with it. I wouldnt use the box i would get it professionally done. But do you think it would look good or not. I have been trying to change my look. I found my makeup and i found my tan, and i even is starting to fine my body i want but now my hair needs a different color.

Ps i am 15 if that helps :)


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    I was totally thinking the same thing! I love the Gilmore Girls and fell in love with Rory's hair color in the new season. I want the same! Let me know what you decide to do
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    It's REALLY kind of impossible to say whether or not a color would suit you without seeing a picture of you. Its not so much your current hair color that's taken into considering, as much as your skin tone, the undertones, your eye color, etc. I think all those things factor in.
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    yes, we need to see your skin/eye color to say. it also depends on the specific shade of auburn -- some are warmer or cooler.

    Most natural redheads have warm undertones to their skin -- what they used to call "Springs" or "Autumns" back when department store makeup counters used to analyze your coloring. For example, I'm a natural strawberry blonde -- I have fair skin with warmish undertones, green eyes, and freckles. My daughter has natural auburn hair and has medium skin with warm undertones, brown eyes and a few freckles.

    So if you look good in colors like peach, yellow, brown, and green vs. pink, fuschia, purple and blue, you might be able to carry off auburn hair well.
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    I love Alexis Bledel! Anyway, yeah, I really think that I can't say what it would look like without your pic, plus the link for the hair color is no longer available. But I LOVE auburn hair! not the cool tones, but the red red natural ones, and if you decided to try it, and see that it's not so orange or cool, then I'll be willing to try it too. I had my eye on Revlon Colorsilk Medium Auburn, cause de Revlon shades don't fade as much, as I've read, and look natural. Anyway, Good Luck!
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