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Has anyone tried the Slim in 6 workout program?

If so, did you get good results? How did you like it?
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  • tryn2understandtryn2understand Registered Users Posts: 54
    Unfortunately I haven't tried the Slim in 6 video, but I did recently purchase Power 90. It's by the same company. I haven't actively started it yet, but just reviewing some of the exercises it seems like a great workout. I've heard good things about the Slim in 6 dvds. I did a search on it and some others. I don't think I read too many bad reviews for it online :) I know that probably doesn't help you but I wanted to give you some input lol
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    I have the Slim Series. It's the next level up from the Slim in 6. The workouts themselves are fine and give you a "good" workout. I don't find myself grabbing for them very often. IIRC I think it's the music. It's rather uninspiring. I need a fun workout with good music. I didn't find Slim Series to be either.

    I do have Turbo Jam. While I'm not a fan of the music I do find the workouts to be more "engaging".

    What kind of workout are you looking for specifically? Do you have any other workout DVDs and what is your current fitness level? Based on that I might be able to make a few other suggestions. Hopefully someone else will have used Slim in 6 and will be able to give you their opinion also...
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    The Slim in 6 videos has pretty much the same kind of moves as Taebo, only not as fast IMO.

    Taebo worked wonders for me when I was doing it consistantly.
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