Agave nectar - in FSG

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I love it!!!

I made a new batch of FSG last night and added agave nectar to half of it. I keep seeing all these raves about it on here, I thought I just have to try it. It gave me lots of hold, lots of curl, and the hold has lasted all day! If anything, I think it's a bit too much hold, there was some crunch that wouldn't scrunch. I'll put a little less in next time. I'm really impressed at what a difference it made! I've used honey, and thought agave would be the same, but it's really a lot different!
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    what is fsg? sorry im new to this section im usually in 4a :]

    im vegan and ive seen recipes i wanted to try for hair stuff that require honey. ive always wondered if agave nectar works well as a replacement.
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    FSG is flax seed gel.
    Some people use Agave Nectar in FSG instead of honey.
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    Where can I buy Agave Nectar to add to my FSG. Trader Joe?
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