In Need of a Hair Twin and More...

TheLostCurlyTheLostCurly Posts: 4Registered Users
So, first off, I'm new to the forums and I've learned a few facts about my hair. My hair is/has:
  • 2b-2c
  • fine texture
  • low porosity
So, I was hoping on finding a hair twin here so I can try their used products and see if it works well on my hair.

Also, I was hoping to learn about hair elasticity and density. How do you figure out both of those?

That's all I've got at the moment, and I hope that I'm not being too much of a bother to anyone, haha. I really want this to work! :)


  • lildreamgoddesslildreamgoddess Posts: 7Registered Users

    That site should help you determine elasticity and density. I don't think I'm your hair twin, and I'm new too, so I can't help you there!
    2C, thick, coarse/medium-high porosity?/ normal elasticity.
  • TheLostCurlyTheLostCurly Posts: 4Registered Users
    Oh cool. Thanks so much! :)
  • AlexandraAlexandra Posts: 25Registered Users
    i have 2b 2c hair and i have tried so many products i would be rich if i sold back all the ones that didnt work. currently here are all the ones i use in routine order.
    -head and shoulders shampoo and conditioner (dont always need a curly shampoo this brand works FANTASTICALLY)
    -garnier deep conditioner (comes in a jar leaves hair strong and soft)
    -hair insurance leave in conditioner spray by aussi ( leave smooth and smells like coconuts!)
    -john frieda spray gel, any spray gel works ok i dont really see a difference garnier is supposed to be good to i used to use that a while ago and it worked pretty well
    - and this pomade, i havent tried it yet it was recommended to me by curly suzy for my hair type (2b 2c) im waiting for it to be in stock again
    - also aussi catch the wave hairspray
    -and garnier shine serum, it comes in a little bottle, i only use this sometimes because my hair never dries in time for me to put it in, its great for those humid days when you need to tame flyaways. but make sure your hair is completely dry because you need to get your hands all in your hair and it may mess up damp curls.
    hope this helps any more questions just ask ;)
    growing out this summer!
    type 2b 2c

    visit my art page :)

  • wavesorcurlswavesorcurls Posts: 29Registered Users
    yeah, your hair sounds really similar to you have any pics?
    Type: 2c-3a on a good day, fine, low porosity, light brown.
    Poo: Vitamin Shampoo
    Condish: Good Ole' Suave Coconut
    Deep (?) Condish: HE Hello Hydration
    Style: Aussie Sydney Smooth, Curls Rock Curl Amplifier
    Description: My hair loves humidity and aloe vera!

  • EitakEitak Posts: 31Registered Users
    my hair sounds like yours, fine textured and wavy. how long is it? mine's about 2 inches above my belly button.

    i use suave green apple conditioner for co wash and LA looks sport gel to scrunch, then after it's completly dry, i SOTC.
  • TheLostCurlyTheLostCurly Posts: 4Registered Users
    Yeah, I have like one picture, but I'm not sure if you can really see my curls in it.

    Obviously my hair isn't really all that long. :/

    (I've taken out my picture because I haven't felt comfortable with it just sitting here...) :)

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