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Hi all,

New to this CG stuff and fascinated! I think my hair is naturally wavy (it definitely isn't straight!) but I've never been good with it. I think naturally it's something like a 2a, b. I've been getting it permed now for about nine months (second one was a month or two ago) to help the curls - now I think they range from 2a to 3b. But I know a lot of that is b/c I don't know what to do with it - when my stylist does it I get tons of gorgeous 3b curls. So now I am on a mission to figure it out!
2b, perm helps some 3a/b curls (I think - trying to figure it out!)
New to CG and want to try the system...I feel pj'ness heading my way!


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    hey another philly girl! lol. good luck with your mission :]

    Growing out hair to a little above bsl
    pw: ringlets
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    Good luck with your new tighter curls :D . Feel free to post any questions!
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    You are beautiful!