Hair Update *pics*

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Hi all. It's been four months since my BC and 15 months since my last relaxer. I just wanted to share a couple of pics. The last pic is on the day of my BC.


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    Mala your hair looks beautiful! :thumbright:
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    Very pretty!! Congrats on your progress!!!
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    Thats a lot of growth for 15 months.

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    :occasion5: Welcome aboard!
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    Beautiful hair.
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    your hair looks great :D

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    Looks like your hair is coming along pretty well...
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    Your hair is gorgeous! It fits you perfectly!
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    you hair is gorgeous!
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    Thanks for all of the love ladies :lol:
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    congrats! your hair looks GREAT! :thumbup:
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    You are your hair are both gorgeous. You grow girl!!!! :)
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    Very pretty and looks healthy too!
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