Looking for Fuzzy Duck

ninja dogninja dog Posts: 23,780Registered Users Curl Neophyte
Anti-Frizz Gel for swap or sale.

Anyone have any she'd care to part with?


  • SoCalWavySoCalWavy Posts: 92Registered Users
    pm'd you!
    2A/3A, high porosity, fine, normal elasticity.
    Shampoo Bar: Dr. Bronner's Baby Bar
    Condish: KBB Milk/Mop Top/TJ Nourish
    Leave-In: See Above!
    Curl Enhancer: KCCC/BB Gelee
    Hold: Fuzzy Duck(med)/BRHG(strong)
    2nd Day Hair: FOTE + Dab BRHG

    Loving BB Gelee right now
    my hair likes: protein, light gels/sprays
    Fotki: pw=curly

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