Hi Curly Girls!!!!! Introducing myself

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I just wanted to say I am so excited to join this. I believe I am a curly girl 2c with very damaged hair. So any advice or pointers I can get I will greatly appreciate. I need all the help I can get. My hair is in between wavy, and curly because some of my curlies are defined and the others are well frizzy. I am searching for a good hair cut. But have had little success.

I do have two questions though...what is the cg regimine, and the no poop? Can you tell I am clueless..

My hair is long (to my bra strap) and I have tons of it....its all over the place, and super dry



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    Click on the little FAQ link up above to the left to get some answers to your questions. Then join us on the General Discussion board to learn even more!

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    You are beautiful!
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    Hi, welcome! The FAQ is a great place to start; it's where I went when I first found NC. For your "no poo" questions go to the "going shampooless" and "general discussion about curly hair" for the rest.Good luck :)