Hello, introducing myself

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Hello everyone,
I have been reading some of the boards here for the last few days. You woman have some gorgeous hair. Anyway my name is Gina. I have been blowing out this hair for the last few years, the past few weeks I have been trying to love what god gave me, but I feel like such a wild woman when my hair is curly. It is alittle past my shoulders, reddish brown highlighted blonde. When curly its just about to my shoulders. the front/top kind of has a mind of its own, its not curly it just kinda lays there so i have been trying different things, so far those little clips are what gets me thru.Anyway once I figure out how to post pictures maybe someone can help me figure out what my hair type is.
I look forward to reading and picking up some new tricks.


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    We're glad you've joined us!

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!
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    Welcome! Your hair color sounds cool. I'm sure you'll find plenty of tricks to make the front of your hair work with the rest. Good luck!