Help Does flat ironing(straighten) mess up the curl pattern?

KDionneKDionne Posts: 197Registered Users
How often can i straighten my hair without messing up my curl pattern or damaging my hair? (I straighten 2times a month it lasts a week)
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  • pumkinpumkin Posts: 39Registered Users
    i dont know how often u can straighten w/o it messing it up, but i can tell u that it sure does effect it. i had been straightening regularly for about a year and my hair went from a 3a/3b to a barely 2. the back is coming back now(havent touched a flat irom for 2 months) but the front and sides are almost straight. i just keep cutting away:(.
  • heartofcurlsheartofcurls Posts: 215Registered Users
    I have the same problem. I've been straightening my hair for 2 years and the front sides are straight and frizzy, but the back looks good. I almost hate to wear my curls.
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    the more your straighten, the less curly- more frizzy your hair becomes. i say this from personal experience. i was straightening for like 2 years just like you, twice a month because my hair last straight for 2 weeks without needing any touch up. last year my hair was so gross that i NEEDED to just always keep it straight. then in Feb i decided to stay curly. since then, ive straighten my hair maybe 5 times at most! more like 3 times. i try to nourish it back to health but it wasnt possible. i got it to curl a bit, but by the end of the day, the curls would just fall out and look stick straight- and not the nice looking straight. in May (i think) i decided to BC and cut off 11 inches. now my hair is sooo healthy and it curls! :)
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    I would have to agree with everyone on this one :dontknow:
    I straightened my hair almost everyday for 2 1/2 years and it really damged my hair. I ALWAYS had split ends and even when I straightened, my hair still looked damaged. It came to the point where my hair started to fall out from the heat damage!
    I have been natural for about a year now, and I have had to use thermal recovery shampoos for several months, thankfully this has restored my hair a bit.
    Ever since going natural my hair is *much* healthier. And although it took some time to accept my new look, I am overall happy. I now only rarely straighten my hair.
    Besides, the benefits of straightening hardly outweight the cons. My hair was constantly greasy from lack of washing, smelled *burnt*, and my hair is so thick that it took me a good 40 min just to straighten it :P
  • taltaltaltal Posts: 614Registered Users
    I've hardly ever straightened my hair but I have a friend who used to have beautiful curls. Her hair is no longer curly and it is not straight either in the nice way.
    It just looks something in between, and doesn't look nice anymore.
    She told me it is a result of too much straightening with heat.

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