BKT and VERY dry itchy scalp

curlykat73curlykat73 Posts: 33Registered Users
Hi everyone,

Before the BKT I use to have to use the Neautrogena Tgel at least once a week or whenever I felt my scalp start acting up (getting very itchy).

Now that I have had the BKT i'm dying with daily itchy scalp. I can't use the tgel as it has sodium chloride, but i'm dying. I actually just gave in and used the Tgel.

Does anyone else have this problem and if so, what are you using? My boyfriend is telling me just to use the Tgel but its going to wash the BKT out and that will just be a waste of money. I just got it done a month ago and I do love it but can't take the daily itching. Please help!!
3b I think


  • afrikurlafrikurl Posts: 736Registered Users
    try oiling your scalp. tea tree, coconut, evoo or jojoba are are good choices. use a little so your hair doesn't get too oily
  • curlykat73curlykat73 Posts: 33Registered Users
    Thank you, I will try that :)
    3b I think

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