Hair type and hair cut? Help!

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I've been no-poo for over 3 years now I think.. since middle school (I'm a junior now) and my hair definitely changed cause I used to be a 3b/3c. This pictures suck cause they're from my phone but hopefully you can help me out D: My curls have loosened up a lot since then and I don't even know if its cause my product changed too. I only use 100% aloe vera gel cause I've gone all natural.
Sorry my badly edited out face. It was not pretty..
^edited to show you the hair clearer cause it was really dark u_u;

OKAY! I was wondering if any kind of haircut style similar to this girl's is possible:
except a curly version of it! Basically, REALLY long layers on the bottom (basically leave my hair length but leave only bits of it) and then on top, have a lot of other layers, probably not as short as her's cause it'll curl up but yeah.. something like that? I don't plan on really getting it cut until the end of summer anyway, because my bangs are still growing out.

My head is always extremely flat on the top when my hair is long, even when I have layers. (I've never liked any of my haircuts.. too plain.. and no one really knew how to cut curly hair. Most recently I cut it myself and it looked just as good as when I come from the salon.....[I think that says something!])

I really don't like it when it's short cause I just have WAY TOO MUCH hair, but if it was also long I the long hairs would balance it out. (Well, at least I THINK!)

If anyone's wondering, I'm mixed, half Chinese and Armenian, which is probably why Asian cuts attract me so much. I mean I like my curly hair but I just LOVE pin straight hair too. (I have no idea where I'm going with this LOL.)


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    From the pics I'd say you're 2c/3a since the curl pattern starts about ear length and you've got ringlets. Very pretty! Is it curlier when cut above your shoulder? If so, then the length is probably pulling out some curl. But if cut too short, do you lose the curl? That's the difference between 3a and 2c. Curly hair usually looks best with long layers, so the hair cut you are considering would probably work.
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    Strawberry: I think your hair is gorgeous as-is. I'mnot sure that cut in the pic would work very well on curly hair. I think it would "bump" out in strange ways in certain areas.

    best advice: bring photos to the salon when you go for your cut and ask the stylist. make sure you pick a GOOD stylist who can tell you what will and won't look good with your curls.

    good luck!!!
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