Newbie questions about Phytorelaxer

sunshine1003sunshine1003 Posts: 1Registered Users
Greetings, this forum is great. So far I've found a lot of information. I was wondering if anyone is still using Phytorelaxer. I saw some posts but there were from a few years back so I was looking for updates.

I am natural and wanted to try this per stylist recommendation.

I am scared however about losing my thickness and the dry flat hair problem that is normally associated with using relaxers.


1) Which strength of Phyto do you use?
2) Have you noticed a change in thickness
3) To those of you have been using Phyto long term, are you still happy with that decision.
4) Are you able to do wash and go styles?
5) What is the biggest pro/con to using Phyto

Thank you so much for any responses.


  • ninadefninadef Posts: 243Registered Users
    I no longer relax my hair but if I did I would definately go back to Phyto!

    I used index 1 since index 2 got my hair bone straight and I wanted some texture and curl left.

    I used index one for 2 years with no problems at all.

    Didn't give my hair the "relaxer-red" tint.
    My hair was strong
    Wash and go was no problem
    My hair was fast and easy to flatiron
    Humiditiy did NOTHING to my hair
    I had NO breakage at all
    I was never flat and lifeless

    The price but I'll spend just about anything on my hair and it's worth it
    General retouches
    It's still a chemical I can do without

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