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So I have a newbie-ish question, being fairly new to CG. I know the CG book says to co-wash, use a heavier conditioner, and use a clear gel/leave in. I've been doing the first two, and have also been using a bit of my regular conditioner as a leave-in, with pretty good results. When I've experimented with gel and products designated as "leave-ins", I have not had good results. I have yet to find a gel or "leave-in" product that doesn't make my hair dry and/or sticky. I've tried Giovanni Direct Leave-In and Herbal Essences Totally Twisted among others. I've tried changing my application method (scrunching, raking, etc.) and the amount I use, with no difference in results. So I'm wondering if I should bother at all with gel or a "leave in" product? Thanks in advance for advice.
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    Hey there,
    Gels and leave-ins are two entirely different things. Leave-ins are for moisture while gels are for hold. Also you apply the leave in first thing out of the shower while a gel you apply as a styling product - so after the leave-in.
    A leave-in shouldn't make your hair feel sticky. I haven't used the GDLI, but I'm surprised it gives you a sticky feel. Maybe others who use this leave-in can chime in. The HETT, on the other hand, is a gel - it should give you a sticky feel.
    HTH :)
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