I'm just not getting it...would someone help?!

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I tried to start the CG routine a month or so ago. I went to Ulta and purchased the No Poo Shampoo, One Conditioner and ArcAngel. I tried using it for a couple of weeks, but I'm not sure that I'm doing it right. Well, that and the fact that I have well water. So, can someone please explain to me exactly how I should be doing this? I did get some Suave Clarifying shampoo and used it before I started CG. I actually washed with the Suave and then followed with the One Conditioner and then used the Deva styling products. The next day, I then used the No Poo and the One Conditioner, and that's how my daily routine went until my hair just went flat and matted and looked terrible. Am I doing something wrong in my daily routine? I knew that I would have to clarify again, especially using well water, but I didn't think it would be after just a few days. Can anyone help??!


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    It may just be that your hair does not like all Deva, all the time.

    When I first went CG, I used all Deva stuff and my hair did not respond well at all. I had to start modifying my products to see what works for me and I still do not have it down to an art yet, LOL.

    At this time I only use the [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/DevaCurl-No-Poo-p-53.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=devacurl-devacurl-nopoo]DevaCurl No Poo[/buylink] about twice per week; the rest of the time I either water wash or use Suave Clarifying conditioner.
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    I don't care for the Deva products either. The smell makes my eyes and nose run! You may have to experiment with other brands. It takes a while before you find what works for your hair.
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    I have no experience whatsoever with Deva products but from what I've read there's a love 'em or hate 'em attitude.

    If you want specific CG instructions, lauralee did a great write up on her blog about beginning CG that you may find helpful.

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    I'm not a Deva fan either. The nopoo is just an expensive cowash. My hair likes the more natural products, especially natural soap bars to cleanse.

    The best way to determine products you may want to try is to find people who have hair like yours and "stalk" them on the threads. Look what products they like (most in signature) and techniques they might discuss.
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