Nu Grow

curlistablogcurlistablog Registered Users Posts: 74
Hey, has anyone heard or tried this stuff? I've been watching some people talk about it on youtube and I'm wondering if anyone here has had a positive experience with the product line.
Always chasing the perfect curl
Type: 3C/4A
Method: ModCG
Current: past SL
Long Term Goal: MBL
Curlista Faves: HH, Kerastase, CHI Keratin Mist, Aphogee

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***currently rocking china bump outs, experimenting with buns and braid outs. Still on Grow Out Challenge.


  • aburdetteaburdette Registered Users Posts: 26
    no idea about NuGrow but i've been hearing some similar stuff about "Hair Formula 37" Has anyone tried this? i wish their was a miracle vitamin/pill but i just don't think it's possible...
    3b/4a very fine, avg/high porosity curly looking to GAIN LENGTH!
    open to learning all i can from this site and others' advice!!!:read2:
    currently shoulder-length :cry:
    DESPERATELY wanna be BSL!!
    taking: GNC Ultra Nourish Hair
    starting CG routine again :thumright:
    co wash and leave-in: Suave Naturals Coconut (but i've tried them all!)
    condish: Giovanni Smooth as Silk
    wanting to try: various oils
    CG & (almost) no heat since 6/14/09

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