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Take heart, parents of curlies. After battling matting and knots and consulting this site for help, I have finally learned how to manage my daughter's curls. She is 6 and has long, fine, locks. Her hair is super soft, not coarse at all, and knots terribly if not treated properly. I believe she's a 3C-not sure. Her hair is wavy at the crown, but twists into spirals halfway down, with a few small diameter coils in the front and larger ones in the back.
With proper conditioning, washing only when needed, a satin pillowcase and utilizing scrunchies, braids or ponytails, her curls don't mat and they stay beautiful. I've been using Circle of Friends Maya Papaya and Nexxus Humectress shampoo/conditioner. Nexxus has the ingredients needed for her type of hair and can be used as a leave-in conditioner as well. Every day, I rub a small amount of Maya or Nexxus in my hands and apply it to her hair. I use Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo after she's been in the pool. We are both much happier having found what works. It took trial and error but it can be done. Moisturizing is crucial!


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    That's great news, mom2curlygirl! It's always good to hear about parents making a special effort :D for their child's curls and then acheiving successful results!
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    nice congratz

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